Thursday, January 31, 2008

yupyup. Im sorry i didnt do this for you sophia T.T I'll do it next year xD so anyway, 13!! YAYY. yupps. ^^
Be honoured that i did this for you, vanessa ^^

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6:42 PM.

Wandering Scribe

Hehe TJ, read that article too ;D Tho I can't remember what it's about now, diao.

Did you read that one about the girl who was sexually abused and then started schools to educate kids (well, the 'educate kids' bit was redundant)? That was... cool in a weird way.

ROFL I'm typing this in the school com lab 1. Saw all the mind sports people working on CHESS. Now I am glad I didn't join mind sports, I am not only hopeless at chess, I don't even know how to play cos I keep forgetting the rules (refer to 2nd statement 'I am hopeless at chess'). -.-" LOL


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4:59 PM.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
ok, i will make sure this blog doesnt get stagnant...LOL

k, i can post...=.='''...i know im reli lame.
just posting for the sake of posting i think
ok, anyway, you know now reader's digest has like this article about this blogger called "wanderingscribe" she is homeless and stuff...then she created this blog...her story quite touching larh...can visit her blog at ...according to the article...just find her story touching n wanted to share this with your. enjoy!
and people, lets all work hard and do well in our assignments n quizzes n tests, k? be the best egg class...HAHA =D
we can do it!! =9
from the 23rd eggie, TJ ^^

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8:08 PM.

Hi! -class tee and random stuff

LOL I hope THIS one won't get stagnant. We might breed egg mosquitos. (-toes? XD)

Yah. Everybody please post your ideas and not tag cos it will clog up our cbox and stuff. Posts have longer scrollbars, ROFL. I'm being eggily random. Please post your ideas about the class tee ASAP, like what colours -I stand for DON'T MAKE IT BLACK, materials -I stand for COTTON!, design, etc.

About the black bit: I understand some of you people are crazy about this darrrrk colour or whatever, but it is VERY hot under the sun, and we're going to wear it like EVERYWHERE, e.g. Lifeskills Camp and you don't want us, um, getting runny.


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7:52 PM.

Hello friends!

Hello everyone! *dances*

Keep this blog lively ar!
My last class blog became stagnant. D:

112 rocks! :]

That is all. xD


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Monday, January 28, 2008
Class tee

hey peeps.
so anyway, i wanted to ask you guys about your ideas on the colour of the class tee. erm... yea. So like... tag your ideas or something. Thanks^^

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7:46 PM.

Sunday, January 27, 2008
post titles

Em people?

Could you put post titles on your posts?

Yeah thanks. ^^


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12:00 PM.
0 comments video

Hi everyone!

I just linked I love! Go there for the very cute video about eggs!

And no, Natalie, we CAN'T do it for Talentime. It's too high-pitched and chipmunk-like. ^^


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Hooray I CAN POST!


sry abt this post being not much different from nat's.

hmm nothing to say...



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11:46 AM.

hey peeps!! ^^
I CAN POST!!! woohoo!! *pictures bouncicles bouncing around* heh. So anyway, I think this post was out of hyper-ism... xD

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11:42 AM.

Changes to Invite

Sorry, people, didn't realize invited you as blog readers only! I ALWAYS get that part meddled up. So now I invited you guys to become blog AUTHORS. :DD

Thanks for tagging, by the way! One Dozen Eggs rules.


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Saturday, January 26, 2008
A Suggestion- Two, in fact

I have a suggestion to make!

firstly, there's a website (which Danielle, Natalie and I are VERY familiar with) that besides offering song lyrics, also offers videos that you can post on your blog. There are 3 varieties:

Music video + Song lyrics.
The song lyrics will scroll down by itself; alternatively, you can just scroll down to the part you want by yourself. The music video is from Youtube and will not play automatically, to the relief of those who may not like the song.

Song lyrics only.
In this case, it's self-explanatory... There's only the song lyrics scrolling down automatically. Handy for those who just want some INSPIRATION.

Music video only.
Great if you want to practice your karoke without looking at the lyrics. Again, it's from Youtube and only starts when you press the, well, Start button. Self-explanatory.

Personally, I recommend the first choice, Music video + Song lyrics: it's better if it's a song you haven't heard before and you wish to get acquainted with it. ;D

secondly. I bet all of us have favourite books. Favourite music; you can look at the suggestion above. But favourite books? If this idea is agreed to by majority, there are two options.

Put it on the blogskin itself. Which means that, since I'm admin, you have to send the book title, author and summary to me and I will put it on the blogskin. The blogskin template is not viewable for non-admin.

Post it. Which means that while this will be under archives and thus easy to pull out if you're looking for an old book recommendation, this might also be hard to find if you haven't been to the blog recently (boo you) and have to scroll through a multitude of posts to find it.

It's your vote.


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12:55 PM.


Since this a class blog and not a one-man blog, we need to instill some rules to our blog.

Now that that's done...

OBEY THE GLITTERY FAIRY. I hope you people liked the pic on the blogskin! I still have the wings, halo and wand. Made of normal household items; pipecleaners that you can get from Popular, a broken toothpick and a little golden star that you can buy from Popular and then glue onto the toothpick. And, of course, double-sided tape always helps. XD


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12:49 PM.

Blogskin UP

Hi everyone!

Just finished the official blogskin. I hope everything's OK. Some of the links are in a different colour, I expect that's a code mess-up, I can't spot the error. X_X

Going to invite everyone now.

Please, if you have a blog, tell me so I can link you on this blog! Thank you (:


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12:43 PM.

Thursday, January 24, 2008
One Dozen Eggs Rules! <3

Hi everyone!

CHEERS to the beginning of ONE DOZEN EGGS, our official 112 '08 class blog! This blogskin is currently a template one, by Blogger, since our caricature eggs have not been done yet... I will try to do a quick one for the blog now, though, with a tagboard. ;D I hope you guys have no problem with a CBOX! XD

Much love!


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7:50 PM.